Russian and American participants in Lawrence, Kansas video conferenced with Dr. Doug Causey at the University of Alaska at Anchorage. October 31-November 3 2009

Delegation from Tyumen

Prof. Dr. Andrey Tolstikov, Vice-Dean for Research, Faculty of Biology, Tyumen State University, Tyumen (project coordinator)
Prof. Dr. Andrey Soromotin, Director, Research Institute of Ecology and Rational Use of Natural Resources, Tyumen State University
Dr. Andrey Elifanov, Dean, Faculty of Biology, Tyumen State University
Prof. Dr. Sergey Gashev, Head, Department of Zoology, Faculty of Biology, Tyumen State University, Tyumen
Prof. Dr. Klavdia Sidorova, Director, Institute of Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine, Tyumen State Agricultural Academy, Tyumen
Mr. Andrey Bukin, graduate student, Institute of AgroTechnology, Tyumen State Agricultural Academy, Tyumen

American delegation

Dr. Anne Calhoun, University of New Mexico
Dr. Ray Pierotti, University of Kansas
Nasbah Ben, graduate student, University of Kansas
Temashio Anderson, University of Kansas

Discussions focused on mutual interests in environmental sciences, fisheries research and conservation, and potential collaborative projects.

Discussions continued on Monday, when we were joined by
Dr. Octaviana Trujillo from Northern Arizona University. With
the participation of all of the Principal Investigators on the
NSF Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Innovation grant awarded
to KU, UAA and NAU, the discussion focused on parallels between
the CCLI project and the new project begun by TSU with funding from
the Russian Ministry of Education. There was a consensus that the
two groups will work towards a joint conference in 2010 and a book
comparing approaches to teaching ecology in the US and Russia.

Drs. Jim Steichen and Larry Erickson from Kansas State University also joined the group in Lawrence to discuss potential collaborations in environmental remediation, joint seminars in chemical and biological engineering, and expanding the successful partnership between KSU and Gorno-Altaisk State University to include TSU and TSAA in future projects.