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IREX Workshop

The current project is intended to improve the services and functions of the earlier created new facilities and offices established by IREX grants, such as the TSU Technocenter (Technopark s.s.) and its divisions. This area is most promising in terms of international collaboration in research. Technocenter and its affiliate units can be considered as the crystallization point for further progress in research and internationalization.

The goals are:

  • To bring international perspective to the Tyumen State University innovative divisions.
  • New grant opportunities via organizing consortia with the US university partners.
  • Demonstrate that Tyumen State University potential for international collaboration in research and development, including the offices established by IREX grants.


The main idea of the pilot project is to bring leading US experts on R&D to Tyumen State University. The US partner university experts will be able to meet with R&D administrators of Tyumen State University and the Provincial Government of Tyumen. They will be shown the results of previous IREX-initiated projects in technology transfer and innovation.


There will be a brainstorming work-shop organized to discuss further steps in collaboration between Tyumen and the US universities. It is expected that the US general consulate (Yekaterinburg) officials will participate in the meeting.


It is expected that a consortium of the US universities and Tyumen State University will be created to submit a cooperative project on international research and education to the National Science Foundation (coordinator Dr. Margaret Clements, Indiana University).

The previous IREX PPG project successes in TSU indicate clearly how important this collaboration is both for TSU and for the US partner institutions. The long-term success will be measured by a number of cooperative research projects submitted to the international and national foundations. The short-term success will be evaluated by the vice-rector for research of Tyumen State University (Russian side) and the US general consulate officers (US side).

One of the key ideas of the present project is to guarantee the continuation of this and previous IREX projects by expanding partnership networks with the US universities, establishing new university consortia and looking for external sources to finance the activities in R&D.